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Career Guidance can be defined as a developmental program designed to individuals in making and informed education and occupational choices. A career guidance and career counseling program develops an individual’s educational and career planning. Career guidance is important. A majority of students do not get proper information in about their topics. Career guidance is a development process that facilities skills and knowledge to help students better understand about education and career. Career guidance play an important role in students like interest  strengths students achievements.


Career guidance is very important in life due to following reasons:-

  • It  gives a sense of direction to our life.
  • It provides structure to life to achieve career goals.
  • It helps us make more friend in life whom we meet in our chosen profession (career).


  1. Making a difference
  2. College applications
  3. Varied help

Making a difference:- Career guidance often act as a stand in as psychologists as they are more attuned to helping the young students deal with various problem stemming from their personal life as well. Since personal issues can cause a student to perform very badly. Counselors are often tasked  with talking to the students to understand the root cause the very problem. These counselors often portray a better understanding of what the students is going through and are able to provide them with better advice on a host of issues. But it  should be  pointed out that the main objective of any career guidance counselors is to ensure that you make the right choices where your career is concerned and all their efforts are to make sure that this happens sooner than later.

College applications:- The process of applying for various colleges or and choosing the right one is never an easy one, career guidance counselors can help you out with the same. They can judge your performance and provide you a chance of being accepting by a degree programs.  and enable you to understand the advantages of applying for the same.

Varied help:- Most of the career guidance counselors also go all out to help their young wards deal various issues this can be anything from being bullied to being abused by someone in a position of authority. This is why most schools prefer to hire guidance counselors who have done a degree course in educational psychology or counseling as it helps them to reach out to young students and help those is need, more effectively.



Don’t easy to decide on career option that will determine the rest of your life for you, especially at the tender age of 16 or 17. It does not help that often even parents are so confused about the good advice to give. The confusion a student faces is large and varied in nature.

If you have scored less than expected you want  in your class 10 or 12 boards, there is no need to panic or become anxious. The fact of that matter is that in today’s age of self-starters the number of options open to you are varied and many. It is not advisable to make hasty, unplanned decisions dues to parental pressure. It’s important to pursue a field you are truly passionate about.

You ought to search  career guidance as early as class 10. After all, having to choose between science and commerce is an important factor in streamlining your career after 10th class. Your course of study after 10th class may be more generalized, but they are important in giving you a solid base for career courses after 12th.

We have compiled more  resources and articles on the different career choices you have ahead of you. We have provided detailed comparisons between degrees and various careers options after Class 12 based on percentage of marks.



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