It is a goal of career counselling is to help with career planning. The decision making process systematically of career choices. It is related to to other types of counselling, who combine giving advice on their topics of counselling topics.Career counseling is focused on how to manage learning and work. (CAREER) Its included making career choices, managing career changes, career development dealing with other career related issues. There is no agreed definition of career counseling all over world mainly due to imagination, cultural and linguistic difference between US English (Counseling) and British English (Counselling). There are also range of alternate terms which are in common use. These included career guidance career coaching guidance counseling etc, a range of related terminologies.


Career counseling can support people with career career related. They can put a person’s qualifications, experience weakness and strength in a broad-guide while also considering their personal hobbies, interest job market and educational possibilities. Counseling and teaching capability, career counselors can except support people in gaining a better understand of what really personal for them, how they can plan their careers easily, or help them in making a tough decisions. Career counselors are often capable of supporting their customer in finding suitable placement/jobs.


Career counseling has a long history going back to at least as far as the nineteenth century. An important defining work for the field was Frank Parson’s Choosing a Vocation which was published in 1909. Parson was strongly rooted in movement, but as the field developed it moved away from this origin and become increasingly understood as a branch of counseling psychology.


There are many career guidance and counseling centers all over the world. They give best career guidance and counseling on higher studies, possibilities, chances and nature of course and coaching.Th ere are many such service providers all over the world providing online counseling to people about their career or conducting a psychometric test to know the person aptitude as well as interest.


There is no international slandered qualification for professional career counselors,although various certificates are offered nationally and internationally by professional. The number of degree programs in career growing guidance worldwide. The title “Career Counselor is unregulated, unlike engineers or psychologists whose professional titles are legally protected. The country of their education, career counselors may have a variety of academic backgrounds: In Europe, for instance,degrees in vocational/industrial/organization psychology and educational sciences are among the most common, but backgrounds in sociology public and other sciences are also frequent.

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